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Fitness Receptionist

Job Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for answering, transferring phone calls, take messages, cashier responsibilities and etc.; 2. To assist members to sign in and sign out. 3. Responsible for daily services related to customers and handle the inquiries by members and guests. 4. To record the customer's complaints; 5. To manage the Retail consignment display and sales items. 6. Any other tasks delegated by Supervisor/Manager.

Fitness Instructor

Fitness Instructor job responsibilities: 1. Provide personal coaching services, on-site routine & technical guidance and assist on how to use the fitness equipment. 2. To develop physical training program for guests. 3. Responsible for training, guide and provide customer service. 4. Guide the guests on how to work out in an appropriate way and to keep guest's fitness record. Ensure the guest's safety.

Membership Consultant

Job Responsibilities: 1. Provide services to members, to manage the member's referrals, and build rapport with the customers. 2. Develope new members, member's recruitment, to invite customers for trial experience and follow-up job. 2. To assist in organizing member's activities and perform marketing development activities. 3. To participate in market expansion and members development program.
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